Turf Paradise  - Underground Lawn Sprinklers, Sod, Seeding,Fertilize&Weed Control
 ~ Automatic Sprinkler Installation
Your sprinkler system will be custom designed to ensure head to head coverage of your yard.  The right amount of water when applied properly, will maintain a healthy lawn and at the same time conserve water. A rain sensor can be installed so that your sprinklers will not come on if it is raining.  Turf Paradise uses Rain Bird Systems and has a one year warranty on labor and two year warranty on parts. Other brands can be used at the request of the customer.
~ Repair
Whether your current system is in need of upgrading or repairs,  Turf Paradise services all brands of sprinkler system, whether it be an electronic problem, heads needing to be replaced or additions to systems. 
~ Sod / Seeding / Overseeding
Typically we use Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF) which is an advanced generation of turf type tall fescue.  This type of grass  is self repairing and will spread and fill in bare spots. In recent years this type of grass has been very popular because it resembles blue grass but is more resistant to heat, stress and disease.  We will however, seed any type of grass that the customer requests. We also offer the RTF sod grown at our location for either pick up or delivered and installed.
~ Grading / Fine Grading / Tilling
Prepare your ground for seeding or sprinkler installation by tilling, leveling and fine grading. 
~ Fertilization / Weed Control
A four step fertilization and weed control program will help you keep a healthy beautiful looking lawn.  Applications are applied from mid April through October.  Sign up for the complete program or one time applications are also available.
~ Spring Activation / Winterization
We offer spring start up of your system to ensure the entire system is working properly.  Sprinkler systems should be winterized to prevent freezing of backflow by properly draining the backflow.  
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